Nothing Greater than Our Great State Fair and iMyne


Melinda and Rusty

The Great Minnesota Get Together is something I look forward to every year. I am not gonna lie the animals are one of my favorite things. I have milked a cow, witnessed a cow giving birth, held some baby chicks and chased a chicken among many other happy memories in all my years of entertainment broadcasting.  Nearly every TV and Radio Station in the Twin Cities is on hand for this annual affair.

This year I have the opportunity to work with Rusty and the Rusty Gatenby Review as we partner with and iMyne to cover the fair and give fans the chance to win a $2,500 shopping spree.  Check out for our daily coverage as well as how to enter to win!  If you haven’t checked out what great things iMyne is doing, be sure to click the link and check them out, they are on to something great.

Back to the fair, we were there bright and early on Day One and ran into esteemed senators Amy Klobachar and Al Franken, which was impressive in that they were there braving the rain and elements just like Rusty and me. They are saying the first day was the worst day in weather history for the fair but it didn’t stop us! Rusty and I were determined to checkout everything including the largest swine …which I am still traumatized from, we had made a fun guessing game out of that event. The State Food Fair left me determined to wear elastic waste band shorts on my next visit. The people at the State Fair always seem to be one of the

Senators Amy Klobachar and Al Franken with Melinda and Rusty

best parts. It is a melting pot of people from near and far, well worth the admission price. Then there are the rides, yep the good ol’ rides, they certifiable potential scream fests. I may have to blind-fold Rusty before we take off. I am incredibly grateful to iMyne for being our sponsor and generously giving away the back to school shopping spree that will benefit the top Twin Cities Charities.

Off to take an Alka Seltzer, sneaker cleaning, finding elastic jeans and getting ready for another State Fair Day with Rusty. Be sure to stay tuned to for all of our coverage of the Greatest State Fair in our State!



Melinda and Rusty Came Prepared

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