I know what your thinking when you see my headline but you are so wrong on this one.
It happens to me every month.. First comes the need for not one but two therapists appointments that are set in stone than it’s the weird food cravings, usually coconut cake from Whole Foods, than it’s a complete lack of concentration followed by the need to purchase one thing which I am usually driven to by smell  (think lavender, cucumber, lemon, hazelnut, peppermint etc..). It literally changes monthly.  I am really not kidding here I have to keep a variety of smell filled products 24/7 around me during this time of the month to keep me from not scaring off my entire family, friends and dance partner all of whom already know that I admit to being very vulnerable during these days and I have tried EVERYTHING under the Sun (how do you like that for a little metaphor there) to keep me of sound mind and body.
So why write about this now and potentially scare off fans and foe?
Why?  Do I need to go back to third grade here.  What is the greatest gift we can have here on earth…Experience.
Adding anything that is not PURE and Natural gets me no where so it’s a priority for me during these crazy few days a month to keep my Brookstone Nature Sound Machine with me at all times, only put in my body really fresh and organic foods and know that when I am standing outside at exactly 4:11 A.M.taking photos of the full moon in my PJ’s and just letting go of the fact that I will not have any normal sleep during this time is OK as long as I remain completely respectful and kind to the people I care about the most.
Look I may be an old soul but I cannot and will never be able to take on the Moon and I kind think I may have some relatives and close friends up there that are kicking back and enjoying round the clock SUN..
I easily could have attached Google images of the full moon to this but it is so much more fun taking the pictures on my I-Phone and waiting to see the look I am going to get again from the Newspaper Delivery Guy’s Face when he see’s me
outside at 4:11 a.m.
One more thing to make note of –If I had to purchase other people’s images or pay someone else to write for me it wouldn’t be authentic which is the only way I choose to live these days:)
The Adventures continue…

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