FM 107 Personalities Living at Mall of America!

Living at Mall of America for Project Down & Dirty

Today’s adventure included a trip to the Mall of America, I went to go park and took a right and almost ran right into a hotel, did you know they are building a Radisson Hotel at Mall of America, I spend enough time out there, I should get a permanent room.

So, the reason for my trip was to get a behind the scenes peek at the accommodation’s that are going to be home to the entire team of FM 107 personalities, including my good friends Lori and Julia.  While Lori was giving me the tour, the closet caught my eye.  Everyone else has a few pairs of jeans and shirts.  But then there is Lori and Julia’s closet filled with designer clothes.   Lord knows not showering for a few days isn’t going to keep these two divas from looking glamorous.  And it is all for a good cause, Breast Cancer Research.

My favorite part was seeing how each bed reflects their personalities.   Lori and Julia’s is filled with hair products, magazines, make-up, sparkly slippers and sleeping masks.  I would bet by the end of the three-day stay someone has found an empty box of coconut cake from Crave Restaurant.  Since they hadn’t opened it yet, I confess, it was me who took the bite out of it.

If you want to see Lori and Julia or any of the other FM 107 personalities, head out to Mall of America near the Apple Store and the new Henri Bendel Store (opening this Friday and the site of my next adventure) they will be there until Thursday for Project Down and Dirty.

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