Our First Show with the Amazing Nicholas David!

Our First Show with Nicholas David of The Voice. We had the most amazing first show with the talented Nicholas David.  It was such a pleasure to hear about his experience on The Voice and to see his commitment to the Smile Network International.  We were really blessed with his original song at the end […]

Friendship Bowling Event

Every year I enjoy hanging out with my friends at the Lanes for Friendship Bowling Event.  This year was no different.  I had the pleasure of seeing Joe Mauer and Ron Gardenhire and they were gentleman through and through.  This is the sixth year of the event which supports a mission of serving individuals with […]

What Best Buddies Has Taught Me

This last weekend I had the joy of taking my daughter Maddy, family friend Edward Villaume, Tony Sanneh and Christian to the Best Buddies Challenge in Washington D.C. My goal was to support Best Buddies an organization that I am passionate about and have my daughter Maddy and our friends experience the same joy I […]

FM 107 Personalities Living at Mall of America!

Living at Mall of America for Project Down & Dirty Today’s adventure included a trip to the Mall of America, I went to go park and took a right and almost ran right into a hotel, did you know they are building a Radisson Hotel at Mall of America, I spend enough time out there, […]

Giving Back Has Always Been Important In My Life

This time of year I always get excited because it means it is time for the Audi Best Buddies Challenge in Washington DC.  This year I am going equipped with a team of super stars in their own right.  There is no greater joy in my life to be able to give back along with […]

The Perfect Pairing, Andy Cohen, Ice Tea and “Most Talkative”

Having an ice tea at Pairings with my girl Kathy, talking about my upcoming interview with the ever adorable and multi-talented Andy Cohen.  Been reading his book “Most Talkative” and laughing out-loud, this is a summer – must read – particularly because you can read Andy’s book and not hide it like the other summer […]

Pleasure, Passion and Giving…Finally!

As my Adventures and journey continue I feel that it is important for me to be organic and honest about my life as contracts and changes are in the works right now…It’s a good thing:) We all have stories to share and experiences that we have but most of you have made the smart choice […]


I know what your thinking when you see my headline but you are so wrong on this one. It happens to me every month.. First comes the need for not one but two therapists appointments that are set in stone than it’s the weird food cravings, usually coconut cake from Whole Foods, than it’s a […]

Being comfortable and natural feels sooooo good:)!!

Don’t waste energy on Phony people…. After this last year of ups and downs—I have decided to live my life in a way that is healthy and natural. My daughter Maddy has been a huge inspiration to me when it comes to eating and living a very healthy lifestyle.  Who knew that by making a […]