David Spade Made Us All Laugh Out Loud!

Kat Perkins of NBC's "The Voice"

I had the pleasure of attending the Third Annual Laugh Out Loud Twin Cities benefiting Gillette’s Children’s Hospital this past weekend and it held up to it’s name, that is for sure.  Emmy winning News Anchor, Chris Egert was our host of the evening, what a great job he did keeping the evening going. Auctioneer, […]

Remembering Joan Rivers

Melinda Jacobs and Joan Rivers

The first time I met Joan Rivers was when she performed at the PACER Center benefit in the early 90’s.  There was nothing more funny then seeing the audience not know if they should laugh or leave.  People were afraid to laugh, but honestly you just couldn’t not laugh Joan always brought it 110%.  I […]

Nothing Greater than Our Great State Fair and iMyne

  The Great Minnesota Get Together is something I look forward to every year. I am not gonna lie the animals are one of my favorite things. I have milked a cow, witnessed a cow giving birth, held some baby chicks and chased a chicken among many other happy memories in all my years of […]

From Championship Boxing to All-Star Baseball this Adventure was a Knock-Out!

When my father asked me to go to Canelo vs Lara fight in Las Vegas I figured why not this is another opportunity to cover celebrities… One problem– I didn’t know that men beating each other up is a sport… Which now gives me a new perspective on the jealous frat boys I dealt with […]

Lucas Oil and Michael Wiskus Helped Me Check Something Off My Bucket List!

We all have them, bucket lists, Right?  I was fortunate to be able to cross off one of the most incredible adventures to-date.  Flying in a two seat plane with the aerobatic flyer Michael Wiskus and his Lucas Oil flying machine was simply put, AMAZING!  If you haven’t had the opportunity to watch an air […]

My World Cup Adventure and Tony Sanneh!

There is nothing better then watching the World Cup at Brits Pub with Soccer great, Tony Sanneh. Rusty and I had fun interviewing let’s just say a colorful group of Soccer Fans who were clearly enjoying the “spirits” at the 11:00 AM  USA  vs. Germany game. Yes I know they lost but they are still […]

Summer Lovin and Joey Molland of Badfinger

Who knew that Joey Molland from Badfinger fame would be in the house performing live! I had to take a double take to make sure it wasn’t Sir Paul McCartney. Joey gave us some great stories about his Rock Star Life and working with The Beatles. Take my advice, download Badfingers’s hits and you will be […]

An afternoon with the Twin Cities “King of Social Media”, Jason DeRusha

Jason DeRusha is without a doubt more tech savvy then the rest of us crazy media types. Jason joined Rusty and I and he was oh so charming and game for anything on The Rusty Gatenby Review with Melinda Jacobs. When I say game he snuggled up on the Hammock with Chewbacca and I think they even […]

This Weeks Show Includes The Gorgeous and Smart Ryan Hoag and Rusty’s Eyebrow Maintenance!

I had so much fun on this weeks show….Why?  The one and only eyebrow queen Angela Lutz of Spalon Montage waxed and colored Rusty’s eyebrows. That’s right Rusty is getting into the Hollywood trick all the male celebrities have been sporting lately manicured eyebrows. We also had my movie buddy,Tennis coach and the hottest Bachelor […]

Another Week, Another New Show and Burgers! All for a Good Cause!

This last week was a whirlwind of great conversation with the Brilliant Ian Punnett and a lot of eating burgers. After trying 12 different burgers at the Twin Cities Burger Battle, I officially need a nap for the next month and a jar of TUMS! But it was well worth it seeing as my pal […]