Being comfortable and natural feels sooooo good:)!!

Don’t waste energy on Phony people….

After this last year of ups and downs—I have decided to live my life in a way that is healthy and natural.
My daughter Maddy has been a huge inspiration to me when it comes to eating and living a very healthy lifestyle. ¬†Who knew that by making a few changes I would lose 20 pounds fall in love with Dance and don’t need
to wear anything that is not comfortable to make such a profound difference in my life.

I finally have true friends that don’t want anything from me but just intelligent conversation and lots of inside jokes:)

If you see me around just know that I don’t wear anything fake and I truly believe that if more people
tried to stop living up to something their not and just be comfortable with themselves—-
Life would be so much more calm, comfortable and natural. Mom you and Dad inspire me everyday and I am so grateful to have your creative genes and Dad’s business genes….OK so maybe I am not an artist or a great business woman but the instincts are there and the timing could not be better!

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