About The Adventures of Melinda Jacobs

melindajacobs.comMelinda Jacobs, Entertainment Reporter, Radio Personality and Writer shares her adventures with celebrities, local icons and charities throughout the Twin Cities through her “lens”.

About Melinda Jacobs – Through her “lens”

Melinda has been a fixture in the Twin Cities social and entertainment scene over the past twenty years. As an entertainment reporter she has provided fun, witty and charming contributions to many notable magazine, radio and television station broadcasts. Her celebrity interviews, view on current events and dedication to charitable causes have been well received for two decades.

Her unique gift of wit, charm and self deprecation have allowed her to conduct interviews with celebrities from around the world, revealing some of the funniest interview moments seen in the Twin Cities. Melinda’s funny and satirical experiences have been documented and can be seen at melindajacobs.com

“I hope you enjoy the fun interviews I have conducted with everyone from Bethenny Frankel to Joan Rivers, to today’s teen idol Demi Lovato.”   “Stop by often and take the adventure with me!”