From Championship Boxing to All-Star Baseball this Adventure was a Knock-Out!

Mike Tyson Enjoyed the Show at the MGM Grand

When my father asked me to go to Canelo vs Lara fight in Las Vegas I figured why not this is another opportunity to cover celebrities… One problem– I didn’t know that men beating each other up is a sport… Which now gives me a new perspective on the jealous frat boys I dealt with in college who never got a dime for kicking someone’s ass just bruised egos! What an adventure that was.  The MGM Grand in Las Vegas sure knows how to put on a fight show!  The people watching was fantastic and yes the ring girls were quite interesting and beautiful. Mike Tyson was only a few feet away from me, Mario Lopez and his assistant graciously invited me to an after-party which I declined but in after-thought that could have been quite the adventure.  And days later, I found myself with Rusty on the Red Carpet in Minneapolis at the MLB AllStar Game Parade.  While I didn’t know many of the players, I do have a sweet spot in my heart for  All Star Player and the premiere star  of this year’s game, Derek Jeter, I took it all in just another Melinda Adventure.  You can see Rusty and My jaunt down the red carpet here.  Back to Derek Jeter.. he was very handsome and while I didn’t get a chance to chat with my favorite All-Star, I fondly remembered  when I met Derek with some friends in Chicago and was asked by his group to join them and I started talking fashion with him thinking he was a model. He is that good looking! The day was great, MLB and Minneapolis put on quite a show.  My adventures into the sports world have come to an end – for now and Yep I am sticking to covering Entertainment with Rusty!  Keep your eye on the Rusty Gatenby Review with Melinda Jacobs we have a lot of fun in store!

Melinda Interviews Fan at MLB All Star Red Carpet EventMike Tyson Enjoyed the Show at the MGM Grand

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